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Mold Planning & Making

Quadruped cow mold


For a collaborative short film a quadruped cow was sculpted and, because of the fur coating, we decided to cast it in foam (Foam-it flex VI).

Our silicone mold containted trenches for the excess foam and was half sculpted with an oil based clay. 

The "wooden jacket" or "mother mold' was made totally un-assembable to make sure the silicone mold was tight and easy to open to take the puppet out without stressing the armature.

Elephant head mold

The head mold of this silicone elephant was planned as a silicone mold with a mother mold to close it perfectly at time of casting. 

it was very fun and challenging as this was my second time doing a mold like this but with different requirements.

Vents and an injection port were planned ahead, to build the mother mold to its specification. Like a block of wood under the trunk to save silicone and to have an easier placement of the two silicone halves.

Table Lady mold

This sculpt was for a Masters project of one of my peers. 

This sculpture was made with Chavant medium clay and molded in silicone.

For the armpits and legs section, I applied some tape. That way the casting material could flow nicely and a two-part mold was not needed for the sculpture. 

We only needed two or three good casts so the mold was very successful for 9 out of 11 final plastic castings we ended up doing.

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